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Congratulations PD Company on a great week at

KAR Nationals in Myrtle Beach!

Primary Solo 8 & Under – Leila Sta Maria 5th Overall


Primary Primary Solo 12-14 – Brianna Distefano 4th Overall


Primary Duet/Trio 8 & Under – Cadance Toby/Savannah Kneeshaw 2nd overall


Primary Small Group 8  Under – Petites 1st Overall, 4th Overall, 10th Overall, Minis 9th Overall


Intermediate Solo 9-11 – Mackenzie Wrobbel 3rd Overall, Raeonna 5th Overall


Intermediate Solo 12-14 – Lindsey Koshowsky 10th Overall


Intermediate Duet/Trio 9-11 – Dr. Detroit 3rd Overall


Intermediate Small Group 9-11 – Ruby Blue 3rd Overall


Elite Solo 15-19 – Vazhane Sawyers 4th Overall


Elite Small Group 15-19 – 4th, 6th & 9th Overall


Elite Small Group Best Costume – 100% Pure Love


4th Runner Up Miss Petite Dance – Cadance Toby


5th Runner Up Miss Teen Dance – Lindsey Koshowsky


Senior Scholarship Winner – Vazhane Sawyers


Elite Small Group 8 & Under Showcase Runner up –

Sunshine Sweeties Petite Small Group

Elite Small Group 15-19 Showcase Winner – 100% Pure Love Senior Small Group

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