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Ignite Dance Intensive

Scholarship Winner - Lindsey Koshowsky

Wild Dance Intensive - Cincinatti

Scholarship Winners

Lindsey Koshowsky & Arie Marino (planetdance alum)

KAR Dance Convention

Scholarship Winner - Lindsey Koshowsky

Wild Dance Intensive  Detroit

Scholarship Winners - 

     Vazhane Sawyers & Raeonna Williams

Revolution Talent Competition


Red Division


Leila Sta Maria – 1st Overall Mini Solo


Blue Division


Cadance Toby – 1st Overall Mini Solo, Miss Petite Dance

Raeonna Williams – 4th Overall Junior Solo

Mackenzie Wrobbel – 6th Overall Junior Solo

Lindsey Koshowsky – 4th Overall Teen Solo, 1st Runner Up Miss Teen Dance

Molly Johnson – 7th Overall Senior Solo

Cadance Toby/Brooke Acuragi – 5th Overall Junior Duet

Morgan Besant/Marisa Stafford – 1st Overall Senior Duet

The Countdown Competition


Starter Division


Mini Solos –

Savannah Kneeshaw – 1st Overall

Leila Sta Maria – 2nd Overall, Solo Scholarship Winner

Millie DiPaola – 3rd Overall

Kassia Liakos – 4th Overall


Petite Small Groups - 

Jazz – 1st Overall

Hip Hop – 2nd Overall

Tap – 4th Overall


Junior Solos –

Brianna Distefano – 1st Overall


Junior Small Groups –

Hip  Hop – 1st Overall

Jazz – 2nd Overall

Lyrical – 4th Overall



Competitive Division


Mini Solos –

Cadance Toby – 1st Overall, Miss Petite Dance, 2 Days in OC Scholarship


Junior Solos –

Mackenzie Wrobbel – 6th Overall, Solo Scholarship

Raeonna Williams – 8th Overall


Teen Solos –

Lindsey Koshowsky – 1st Overall, Miss Teen Dance


Senior Solos –

Vazhane Sawyers – 1st Overall

Marisa Stafford – 5th Overall

Molly Johnson – 7th Overall


Duet/Trio -

Savannah Kneeshaw & Cadance Toby – 1st Overall Mini

Mackenzie Wrobbel & Raeonna Williams – 5th Overall Junior

Mackenzie Wrobbel, Ella Ogden, Raeonna Williams – 6th Overall Junior

Cadance Toby & Brooke Acuragi – 1st Overall Teen

Morgan Besant & Marisa Stafford – 3rd Overall


Line –

Icon Divas – 1st Overall


Small Groups –

Mini Hip Hop – 1st Overall

Mini Tap – 2nd Overall

Mini Jazz – 3rd Overall


Junior Hip Hop – 1st Overall

Junior Jazz – 2nd Overall


Senior Open – 1st Overall

Senior Hip Hop – 2nd Overall

Senior Jazz – 3rd Overall

Senior Lyrical – 4th Overall

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